Midway Studios at Fort Point

When the developer of Midway Studios sought to transform a handful of long vacant retail spaces into viable long-term tenancies they knew that they needed to engage in an open conversation with the residents and artists who called Midway home. GSP was asked to strategize how to bring retail and amenities to the development that added value to the neighborhood while maintaining the character of and commitment to the artist and residential community. To accomplish this, GSP convened residents, the Fort Point Artists Community organization, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, and other stakeholders in a planning process that resulted in the vibrant retail redevelopment of the site. Tenants now include The Club by George Foreman III, Studio Troika, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, and Late July Snack Company.

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We believe that great urban neighborhoods can be created through smart planning, community dialogue, and by supporting street level activity that embraces creativity, context and connections. Our inspired place-making and retail leasing strategies result in more dynamic development projects, more valuable properties, and more vibrant neighborhoods.